Wine Tasting at Blue Mountain Vineyards

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If you love enjoying wine with beautiful scenery of vineyard all at once, then you should consider going to visit Blue Mountain Vineyards. This Winery location is in Berthoud, Colorado and is known to be one of the most beautiful winery locations in Colorado. The area itself is surrounded by spectacular farmland and endless valley hills. This winery is also near the gorgeous water view of a river which also adds more beauty to the location. Unlike most wineries that only have their vineyard full of grapes, Blue Mountain also has an astonishing garden. No matter if it is spring, winter, summer or fall, this winery is worth going to visit. But not only is the view of these wineries one of the best within the state of Colorado, but Blue Mountain vineyard also has available events that people can come to if they want to enjoy wine, some fun and beautiful view. Here are more details about Blue Mountain Vineyards and why it is a must to visit it: Another must-visit location is just down the road at the Little Thompson Valley Pioneer Museum.

Multiple Different Event Offerings

Blue Mountain Vineyards has a neatly organized website full of upcoming events of open tastings, farmers’ marketing, wine festivals and more. Most of these events particularly take place in the summertime, but of course, this winery has a list of fun activities in other seasons as well. In fact, there is even a full calendar of events happening on specific dates and times. The events are freely open to the public but for most events, all attendees must be at least 21 years of age, especially for the open tasting. If you want to do a private tasting that is not originally on the event calendar schedule, then you are required to make an appointment. Blue Mountain Winery also offers tastings of select cheese, fruits, a variety of cold sliced meat and of course multiple choices of chocolate as well. Therefore you can expect a lot more than wine tasting when visiting Blue Mountain Vineyards.

The Wine Selection Is Astonishing

Along with the organized and well put together wine tasting is a unique selection of wine bottles. If you are wanting to know more about their wine selection before you actually go for their tastings, their website is full of description and definition of each wine. The Cabernet Sauvignon is a beautiful liquor option with blackberry and current hints and particularly goes great with they’re optional cheese and meat. Their unique Chardonnay has a well put together vanilla, caramel, and slight butter notes and is typically better served chilled. If you are a wine taster that loves a little bit of smokey, yet rich chocolate liqueur, their option of Christie’s Blend is the perfect option for a chocolate taste. It is served best at room temperature and it’s great paired with smooth desserts. The listings above are just a few of the options available and there are many more to choose from. Many of their wines available go great paired with cheese, wine, meat, and chocolate, but they are so smooth and pleasing that they taste just as great by themselves.

Event Location To Plan a Wedding

Blue Mountain Vineyards’ location is no doubt one of the most brilliant places to plan a special wedding day. In fact, Blue Mountain Winery has a private selection of a gorgeous garden specifically for wedding events and also permit outside food catering on wedding days. The winery is also willing to help serve the wedding guests and help set up the event. To get more information about wedding events and also more about the winery in itself, please go to The Blue Mountain Vineyards are just around the corner from Berthoud Dental Care. Below are driving directions.

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