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Are you a beer connoisseur? You are always on a search for that great tasting new beer. Plus it is fun along the way too. Whether your palate is dark, medium or light brew, you can find so many different craft beers throughout the United States. Make every weekend a reason to venture to a new place to try. You know longer have to stick to the well-known beers, try something new, and enjoy the quest.

More and more cities are allowing craft beer establishments to pop up. They are usually located in the old downtown revitalization areas. These places can be eclectic, formal, artistic, modern, or many more designs. They are fun to visit and get a feel for the owners, and their tastes. Many welcome dogs, as long as they behave themselves, as well as the owners. Some will have their own foods to offer or have food trucks to order from.
When you are on vacation, visiting a or a few local craft bars, is a must. You get to meet the “locals”. Locals always love meeting tourists and sharing their love of their town or city. They have lots of information about places to see, shop, and eat. It is always more fun to mingle with others when on vacation, rather than just yourselves.

If you are heading to Colorado, Berthoud is a great place to visit. It is known as the “Garden Spot of Colorado”. It is a nice little town of only about 5,000 residents. It is a charming place full of victorian mansions, and cottages, and surrounded by mountains. Smack dab in the middle of downtown Berthoud, is City Star Brewing. Speaking of stars, the Little Thompson Observatory is close by.

City Star Brewing is owned by Proprietors John and Whitney Way, who wanted to share their love of craft beers with fellow craft beer lovers. They opened in May of 2012, and have since gained many customers who frequent it often. It is so named because of the City Star Barn livery stable, which was located in the same spot, in the early 1900s. They have one many Gold and Bronze awards at beer festivals.

City Star has a beautiful outdoor Beer Garden that is open pretty much year-round. There is also an aged barrel room for special events. It can hold 20 seated, and up to 45 sitting and standing. Coincidently this is where their aged beers are stored as well. They don’t serve their own food, but that’s okay because they host different food trucks for you to get yummy nibbles from. All throughout the year, City Star hosts a multitude of events for you to attend. The staff from Berthoud Dental care, take time to visit with friends at City Star Brewing.

City Star has a steady beer menu of five that are always served. These include Cowboys Golden Lager, Sim’s Red, All American IPA, Bandit Brown, and Night Watchman, so if one of these is your favorite, you can be rest assured it will always be there.

Every month they also offer two specialty beers to choose from. Don’t forget to try one or more of twenty of their different barrel-aged beers.
This establishment loves dogs, so if Fido likes accompanying you, bring him or her in too. Fido can join you dancing on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as the occasional Sunday too. Grab some friends and visit this place, or if on vacation, come make some new friends, to return to trip after trip, you will be glad you did. Enjoy and have fun!

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