Scaling and Root Planing

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Dental scaling and root planning is commonly referred to as deep tissue cleaning. These procedures can slow the progression of periodontal disease, with improved pocket gaps between the teeth and gums and fewer incidents of tooth loss. They are commonly performed on cases of gingivitis and moderate to severe periodontal disease.

Dental Scaling

Scaling involves the removal of plaque and tartar from above and below the gumline. Plaque is the sticky substance comprised of microbes like bacteria, food particles, and other materials that cling to teeth and can lead to decay and disease. Tartar is a crusty deposit that traps stains on the teeth and causes discoloration.

Root Planning

Once the patient’s teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned, the tooth’s roots are smoothed. This helps the gums firmly reattach to the teeth and fosters proper healing.

Candidates for Dental Scaling and Root Planning

Individuals with periodontitis (gum disease) are candidates for dental scaling and root planning. Research shows that a significant percentage of the adult population in the United States over age 30 has some form of periodontitis, the most common cause of which is poor dental hygiene; however, some medical conditions, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and lifestyle habits such as cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol intake can also cause the condition.

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Individuals with periodontal disease or those who are experiencing some type of oral discomfort may be candidates for dental scaling and root planning. The professional dental team at Berthoud Dental Care can perform a thorough examination and determine the most appropriate course of action for your unique case. Contact us today to schedule your appointment so that we can help you achieve optimal oral health.

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