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Silver Fillings Can Damage Teeth and Create Health Risks – and Berthoud Dental Care Has an Alternative

Silver dental fillings may have a long-term effect on personal health and the strength of the teeth.

Silver fillings are actually made of 50% mercury. During chewing or teeth grinding, the fillings release mercury vapor. The mercury is stored in the body, particularly in tissues in the brain and kidneys.

While mercury levels are below toxic levels, people who are sensitive to mercury may experience symptoms that are similar to chronic fatigue syndrome: headaches, muscle joint pain, difficulty sleeping, lethargy, exhaustion, or problems with focus and concentration. Others may have asthma, allergy attacks, or oral ulcers.

Another problem with silver fillings is that they can eventually lead to tooth decay. Metal contracts and expands with extreme temperature, causing metal fatigue. Eventually, the filling edges will weaken and wear down, and bacteria in the saliva can enter and cause cavities.

The expansion and contraction of metal also create pressure on the tooth and cause tiny cracks in the tooth enamel. This further increases the risk of tooth decay, and may eventually lead to tooth fracturing.

Metal can also leak and stain, causing the teeth and gums to turn grayish over time. It can make even “healthy” teeth look like it’s decaying. The teeth may need whitening treatments or polishing to correct the discoloration.

So in other words, silver fillings—over and above the mercury risk—can create several dental issues that may need additional treatment down the road. Even if it seems like a more affordable material, it can lead to long-term costs.

Berthoud Dental Care offers a safer, more cost-effective, and more natural-looking alternative to silver dental fillings: resin onlays.

Unlike silver fillings, Berthoud dental fillings are bonded directly on the teeth. It acts like additional armor, strengthening the tooth and protecting the enamel. It is particularly effective for cases where tooth decay was severe and significantly affected the tooth structure.

Berthoud dental fillings can also be matched to the color of the teeth, for a cleaner and more natural look. It’s almost as if the teeth have been made brand new—restored to their original strength and appearance.

Berthoud Dental Care invites people who have silver fillings to drop by the clinic. Dr. Keith Wolfenden—who took over the clinic after the retirement of founder Dr. Deschene—will check for signs of tooth decay, and see if the fillings have begun to erode or corrode. If this is the case, he can replace the filling with resin onlays.

Dr. Wolfenden is a highly experienced dentist who has performed thousands of dental treatments, including fillings, in the course of his career. Patients do not have to worry about pain or discomfort; his goal is for patients to feel as comfortable as possible during each treatment. The clinic also has laser dentistry for those who are anxious about dentist drills.  

The cost of resin onlays can depend on the number and size of the fillings, and if there is a need for additional treatment of new cavities. However, Berthoud Dental Care also offers new patient specials for people who have not had dental treatment for several years. It also works with several insurance companies and has flexible payment options.

To inquire about resin onlays and other dental treatments, contact Berthoud Dental Care at 970-532-4209 or book an appointment through the website.

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