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Colorado Residents Can Receive High-Quality Dental Implants

Top Rated Dental Implants in Colorado

BERTHOUD, CO – Dr. Keith Wolfenden and the staff of Berthoud Dental Care are happy to offer Berthoud, CO residents affordable dental implants that will last a lifetime. With quality education and years of experience under his belt, Dr. Wolfenden is excited to practice comfortable, hospitable care in practice he takes over from Dr. Keith Wolfenden.

Dental implants support artificial tooth replacement devices such as crowns, bridges, or dentures. These devices are secured by a screw body (typically made of metal) which is surgically embedded into the patient’s jawbone via an abutment or extending screw fixture.

Implants are used to treat tooth loss due to decay, disease, or injury. Receiving a dental implant requires multiple office visits.

During the first visit, the affected tooth or teeth will be examined and made molds of. Then, in a subsequent visit, the tooth will be extracted and the implant inserted, with a temporary cap placed over the top. Finally, a final custom cap – either a crown, bridge, or denture – made from the initial impressions will be fitted to the implant in a third visit.

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Dr. Keith Wolfenden is a Berthoud resident who lives with his wife Justine and young daughter Kennedy. A family man to the core, Dr. Wolfenden strives to offer comfort and confidence to his patients with clear communication about the procedures he recommends and performs, allowing them to take control of their dental health.

Having graduated from the Boston University School of Dental Medicine in 2010 and practiced dentistry in Trinity, FL before his move to Colorado in 2019, Dr. Wolfenden has many years of clinical experience to guide his care for his current patients, for whom he hopes to create a reliable and comfortable experience that provides them with the confidence of a healthy smile.

He has been entrusted with the Berthoud Dental Care practice after the retirement of Dr. Keith Wolfenden.

For more information about pricing and the dental implant process, you can contact Dr. Wolfenden and his team at 970 532 4209 or visit their website at to make an appointment. New patients may be eligible for the Berthoud Dental Care $79 special, including an exam, x-rays, consultation, and professional cleaning valued at $300.

New Patients Eligible for Our $79 Special
Includes: Exam, X-Rays, Consultation, & Professional Cleaning *
($300 value)

* In the absence of periodontal disease

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You will always feel heard and supported by our friendly dental team. With the best of technology, an experienced team in dentistry and a compassionate, empathetic doctor and staff, we will address your needs and guide you to a lifetime of dental health.

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