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The Little Thompson Valley Pioneer Museum is located in the AG Bimson’s historic blacksmith shop. There are a variety of exhibits and displays that showcase the town and the surrounding rural area as a very prominent agricultural district that was active as far back as the 1880s. The museum was built back in 1893 and was located at what was then the Bimson’s Stone Place. Today, the museum serves as a gathering place where people can learn about the history of Colorado and the area in which it’s located. The museum is sponsored by the Berthoud Historical Society which runs educational programs for people of all ages to gather and learn about the area and its rich history. Planning Your Visit: After getting a check-up at Berthoud Dental Care, the Little Thompson Valley Pioneer Museum Berthoud CO will teach you all about the local history of Colorado and the people who originally settled the land that surrounds us today Historical exhibits show what life was like in the past centuries in the surrounding areas of Colorado. Exhibits showcase all aspects of the local’s lives including the local Berthound’s culture and rich beginnings. Live displays include snapshots of what the insides of local drugstores looked like and what an early-day schoolhouse would have looked like. Inventions of the day and the way that people’s homes looked are also exhibited. People lived a different lifestyle back then and it’s apparent when you are visiting the museum that life was much simpler in these times. From the way people set up their kitchens to their sleeping quarters to how they grew their own food and farmed their own animals, the way that the average person lived 150+ years ago is on display to help educate everyone today of what our forefathers did to give us the life that we have today Events & Activities at the Little Thompson Valley Pioneer Museum: The Little Thompson Valley Pioneer Museum host a variety of activities at their museum on a regular basis including a variety of different, local concerts that take place in the museum’s courtyard. Reckless Abandon, Roz Brown, and Keith Deeming are only a small sampling of the variety of concerts that are on tap for 2019. Better yet? Admissions are free, but donations to the museum are always appreciated! The Pioneer Heritage Gala is an annual event usually held in August that helps raise money for the museum. Tickets are $50 and its a fun night filled with family, fun, games, and entertainment for everyone. Food and beverages are available as well. They also honor someone who has helped impact the museum and present the annual “Heritage Award” to a deserving party. Star Gazing nights and Barn Socials are other great ways to spend time with the family while also giving much-needed support to a local museum that seeks to preserve the rich and beautiful history of our local Colorado area. Conclusions: Come out next time you are in the Berthoud area and check out everything that the Little Thompson Valley Pioneer Museum has to offer. You will find a community and family that welcomes you to learn more about our local history and the area in which you are visiting or living. After checking out the museum, head over to the Berthoud Brewing Company for some great beer.

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